Timelapses of Microscopic Nature in Stunning and Disgusting Glory

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How did you know this was a mite on an eyelash?

Louie Schwartzberg has given TED Talks in the past that detailed his amazing macro timelapses of nature and the environment, but his most recent go at TED 2014 in Vancouver unveiled a side of life that’s equally stunning, though by no means glamorous.

The talk focused on the filmmaker’s recent 3D feature, Mysteries of the Unseen World, a National Geographic-sponsored voyage into glimpses of Earth that the naked eye could never see: microscopic mites on our eyelashes, the tongues of snails, and even the skin of sharks. The hyper-defined images are miraculous, but admittedly a little terrifying—especially the snapshot of nano organisms that crawl on already-microscopic parasites.

See some screenshots from his up-close-and-personal project below, and watch the whole talk in its macro glory above.

Shark skin

Eye of a fruit fly

A snail’s tongue

A nano organism crawling on an already-microscopic creature

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